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  1. Is it too much to ask to get a bar that indicates how much more before you get to the end of the listing, you need to scroll? A sorting option by rating, maximum bid, and much more would likewise make this procedure easier.MyTeam's popularity and 2K's sometimes faulty servers aren't a fantastic mix. An influx of traffic due to locker code salvation, or another campaign can cause crashes that MT 2K20 lead to missed opportunities to redeem much more and rewards. Evidently, the fix here is to fortify the servers to limit or remove these instances. I realize that's a endeavor that is challenging. I do think the service supplied could be a bit better. I've had similar issues with MyTeam this year and have not received much aid after submitting a ticket.Piggybacking about the preceding issue with something much more specific, I've noticed you won't always get credit for finishing some of the Goals required to unlock tokens and MyTeam performance. I'm not sure whether that's a server issue or only a mode error, but it is a drag when you're trying to go the route that is completionist. Contracts serve no purpose beyond filling packs with contents that are less-than-thrilling and are annoying. I'd rather them literally last an entire season, if contracts are a must. Maybe a complete campaign could be made up by 30 or 20 games. At the end of your seasons, you need to decide which players you would like to lock up for a different year. The ones that you do not sign aren't usable for the games but stay a part of your group. Maybe you should need to be a Hall of Famer or even first-ballot inductee. As it is, it feels random and takes away from significance and immersion. The number of Pink Diamonds in flow is too plentiful. It eliminates the amazement from playing or owning against one. Decreasing the amount of Pink Diamonds would just make them more coveted. That would inspire people to purchase packs to acquire cards that are elite. Throughout the NBA 2K20 season, 2K has been great at generating a steady flow of articles Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. You will find tons of cards, challenges, and methods to playwith. This is only one of the reasons MyTeam is potentially the most addictive manner from the game.It's nice when 2K delivers locker codes that guarantee that the consumer an in-game thing they can use. Obtaining a pack is OK, but we all know that the contents could be worthless sometimes, and opening these kinds of rewards can be deflating.
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