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Ski resorts

Arc 1950 is called the "cocoon on the top of the mountains" - for the atmosphere of comfort and a peaceful landscape with a view of Mont Blanc. The apartments (3900 beds) have the high quality mark Pierre & Vacances Premium. This means that in any of the residences you are guaranteed a comfortable stay with access to recreation areas, pools, saunas and the Deep Nature Spa on an area of 1000 sq.m.

The resort lives a busy life and invariably gives a sense of celebration and a fabulous mood for the whole family. Every day, guests can organize vivid shows, shows and concerts.

There are enough pleasant après-ski options for everyone, the main thing is to choose the right accent. A romantic evening at Le Mazot restaurant with a glass of red or unbridled fun until the morning in dozens of bars (for example, Les Belles Pintes or O’Chaud) - in any case, you will not be bored. See here Andorra ski latest updates

Arc 1950 is the youngest of the four Arches Les. It was built 10 years ago and is still considered the best access point to the "ski paradise" (Paradiski) - the second largest ski area in the world at the foot of the Vanoise National Park. The scope of this resort is impressive: 144 lifts with dozens of tracks with a total length of 425 km and a height of up to 3250 m. There are strength routes for beginners and pros alike (there is even a bobsleigh track and halfpipe).

Thrill-seekers will enjoy skijoring (skiing behind a horse), a snowmobile ride, high-speed sledding and a 20-minute helicopter ride, where at a bird's eye view you can immediately "check in" in Italy, France and Switzerland.

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