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natalia kulczycka
Hello, concerning the booking for around 24 people, is it possible to rent whole house? What would be the price? How many rooms do you have and how many people per room?
we need common area just for our group, what can you offer?
Papa House
Dear Natalia, good day!
The whole house could be rent for the price 15 000 roubles per day.
We have following rooms: 1 double room (1-2 pax)
                                          2 family rooms (up to 4 pax in the room)
                                          1 dormitory room for 8 people
                                          1 dormitory room for 6 people
We also have extra beds, wich could be added into rooms.
Concerning common are, you could have a big living room and also outside terrace.

Best regards,
looking forward for your reply.
Natalia Kulczycka
Sorry for late reply, but your e-mail was in spam folder.
I wanted to book a whole hostel for a company trip for the dates 9:11 - 11.11.2019.
What would be the price if we want to rent whole house? Please let me know what is he price for breakfast?
How many single beds you have? Double bed is for just one person.
Papa House
Dear Natalia, glad to hear from you!

For the dates you mentioned, we have available at the moment 20 single beds for the price 600 rubles/pax and one room with double bed, for one person we could make 900  rubles.
We could also add 2 cot beds for 2 person if needed.
The price for the breakfast is 170 rubles/pax, we could also make dinner for you if needed, it will cost 270 rubles/pax.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
You could also write us in whatsapp number +79114500647(Irina) if have further questions.

Best regards,
Hostel Papa House.
Natalia Kulczycka
Hello,I'm arranging a trip for a team from Poland, in total 20-30 people. We need a accommodation with breakfast for the dates: 9.11 - 11.11. I would prefer rooms for 2-4 pax per room, however different options I would also consider. Important for us is to have a common area (larger room?) only available for us to spent time together. 
Are you able to arrange the accommodation for us?
Papa House
Dear Natalia, thank you for the request!
Yes, we would be glad to accommodate you in our hostel, we have 2 family rooms for 4 pax per room, 2 double rooms for 2 pax per room and 2 common rooms for 6-8 pax per room.
To spend time together we have two wonderful terraces, one is facing the garden and have bbq equipment, and big living room with the dining area.
We could serve you breakfast also.
Best regards,
Hostel Papa House
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Papa House
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